When the CCTV was first introduced in the market, it was a passive and simple device. However, over the years much innovation has gone into these devices that are today a far cry from those early simple and passive devices. In fact, a modern CCTV that is well designed will feature some of the most advanced features that help to transform it into a security guard that monitors in a proactive manner and it will also prove to be very effective in protecting property as well as possessions from intruders. It will protect you and your property and possessions all day and all night long.

Eye of the system

The eye of the CCTV system is its camera which is available as internal and also external type. It can also capture full motion video and do so even in the most extreme weather conditions and can also do a good job of monitoring when light levels are very low. You can cable your camera to a CCTV system in different ways including as standard video source and it can also be IP enabled which will then make it act as a network device which you can access from different parts of your security system.

Recording unit

cctvA recording unit is another major component of the modern CCTV system and is usually a digital recorder that is especially designed to ensure that it can capture and also store video that it records by the CCTV cameras that are also part of the system. The digital recorder is not the same as the analogue recorder because the former does not need any expensive consumables for it to perform its main functions. The more advanced models come with better functionality such as timed recording and ability to capture still frames as well as to perform motion detection.

Changing needs

At one time, the CCTV system was primarily being used by large businesses that needed to guard their installations. Today, these systems are also being used by individuals that wish to monitor and protect their homes. The modern CCTV system is an intelligently integrated system that comprises CCTV cameras and CCTV DVR units. Together, they help to create a security system that is robust and also very secure. Such systems are able to provide maximum security even when the environmental conditions are very poor. Properly chosen, the CCTV system can provide almost foolproof security.

When the CCTV was first introduced it was not as reliable as it is today. The early systems were not very reliable and were also very visible which left them open to exploitation. This made many people dismiss the notion of using a CCTV system in their homes. Today, things are vastly different and most people have come to realize that these systems are very useful and this has led to a spurt in demand for such systems.

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